The Waiting-for-the-Elevator Thing

So I’m sure this has happened at least once to every woman.  You’re standing in front of an elevator, waiting for it, and a man comes up and presses one of the buttons.

Oh is that what those are for?  I saw the two buttons, one with an upward-pointing arrow and one with a downward-pointing arrow, and I understand that elevators go up and down, but you know, I just never put the two together!!

I was just waiting for it to know that I was standing there.

I thought I might try to push one of the buttons, but then I thought, no, I’m just not strong enough.

So I was just standing there.

Or maybe I did push one of the buttons (you know, I just don’t know?), but the system doesn’t recognize buttons pushed by people with uteruses.  Which is why you had to push a button.  You’ve got a penis!

So good thing you happened to come by!  I could still be standing there!


2 Responses to “The Waiting-for-the-Elevator Thing”

  1. quixote Says:

    Couldn’t it be that he doesn’t know if you’re going in the same direction? You might have pushed “up,” and he needs “down.” Or does he know but push anyway?

  2. Xiao Mao Says:

    Typical dude behavior. Nothing COUNTS unless a man does it, you know! /s